Tree Maintenance Services in Northern Virginia

One of the main focal points of a lawn are its trees.  Trees improve the air quality immensely.  Ross Tree Service was founded with the goal of helping trees stay healthy through our professional tree maintenance services in Northern Virginia. After 36 years of experience serving residential and commercial clients, we can confidently take on trees of any size. Our team knows the tree species in our area and is prepared to offer free estimates and assessments for any trees.

Both residential and commercial clients can count on our family owned and operated tree services.  Our reasonable rates and quality work have attracted many repeat customers.  Including HOAs, office parks, shopping centers, and condominium associations. We know what HOA’s require in your yards and we are equipped to provide it. When you call us, you receive licensed and insured service from experts.

The Importance of Tree Trimming and Pruning

These grooming tasks are not only necessary from an aesthetic standpoint, but also from a safety structure. Branches that get too long can be dangerous in a storm, as they could fall on your car or roof. Proper trimming and thinning prevent this, saving homeowners money and potential hazards in the process. We use a bucket truck to prune trees that are difficult to access and can perform this service all year round. Make preventative care part of your lawn care regimen today.

Contact us to take care of your trees today. We care about the trees of Northern Virginia, and give each of them our best.


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Services We Offer

Tree Removal

  • Large Tree Removal
  • Small Tree Removal
  • Lot Clearing
  • Stump Grinding

Tree Maintenance

  • Tree Pruning and Crowning
  • Tree Bracing and Cabling
  • Skid Steer & Mulching
  • Fertilization and Treatment

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Why We’re a Cut Above

Arboriculture is a specialized field with specialized tools, training, and insurance. We are happy to provide customers with a certificate of our insurance, which includes liability coverages for property damage and personal injury, as well as workers compensation.

Hiring an arborist services means you receive services from employees who know how to care for diseased and damaged trees, and can tell which ones can be saved. Investing in us now can retain your family’s safety for years.


What Our Customers Say

"You have left your mark on the South Arlington Community,
First when your crew gave an outstanding performance on the night of June 5th as they removed the 200 year old tree from the roof of Mike and Kelly's house, later as your small but powerful bobcat carried the more than 10,000 pound tree trunk down 3rd and 4th street and Carlin Spring Road into a parking lot And Finally when you donated and place the humongous piece of this ancient beautiful white oak on the playground of Campbell Elementary School, so that children can climb on and get up close to a piece of a tree that have been around during the days of George Washington. We thank you for a job well done."

- Pat F.

"Once again Ross Tree Service has come to our rescue. Our willow tree was losing a huge limb which hung over our neighbor's shed. We called on Monday, and Brian arrived on Tuesday to look over the situation and give us an estimate. We agreed to the work and scheduled it for Friday. Lo and behold, Ross trucks pulled up on Thursday morning, a full day ahead of the scheduled work time. Brian was aware of our anxiety, and had changed his schedule to get to the tree as soon as possible. Your employees are professional and pleasant, and they do good work. They even cleaned up all the bits and pieces of the tree that remained after it was cut down. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will always recommend you to others, and, should we need any tree care in the future, we will not hesitate to call."

- Andrew B.

“These guys literally saved my house! After local flooding, a tree over 36" in diameter and about 80' tall was leaning at about 10 deg towards my home and moving towards it at a rapid pace. I called Dan Ross and within minutes he had a entire crew at my property and were rigging the tree to stop the movement and then sent a climber up the tree to cut it off in sections for removal. I can't say enough good about these guys. They're equipment is well maintained, they're employee's know exactly what they are doing. No hillbillies in a pickup with a chain saw and an extension ladder here, these guys are pros! Thanks Dan!”

- Robert L.